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Silicon Valley Insights: Singapore Growth & AI Summit with Sean Ellis

2024 Edition | 12 March 2024 


Female Founder Program

As a part of our DEI commitment, we'd like to encourage female founders and female leaders in tech to apply for complementary access to the summit.

⁠Summit access comes with complementary access to, an AI CoPilot for product strategy and marketing asset automation, which could also be helpful for small teams and solo founders.

Application for Female Founders

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Sponsors & Partners 

The Agenda

Breakout Growth with Sean Ellis
Fundraising in A Tech Winter with Denes Ban
Strategy & AI with David Isaac

Growth at scale & data-driven experimentation with Amplitude

This summit is your gateway to understanding and leveraging the growth engine strategies that Sean built and propelled companies like Dropbox and Eventbrite to multi-billion dollar valuations, as well as actionable playbooks from our Keynote Speakers & Partners

The Schedule

Join us on March 12, 2024, in Singapore for a transformative experience with
Sean Ellis, Denes Ban, David Isaac & Amplitude 

Topics include:

  • How to find the North Star metric that matters for your company?

  • How do you accelerate organic growth?

  • How do you get your team to be more data-driven?

  • Creating a Company-Wide Culture of Growth and Experimentation

  • How do you find leverage in your value delivery engine?

  • How do you align the organisation to drive Cross-Functional Growth?

  • Accelerating organic growth through high-tempo testing

Who Should Attend?

  • General management who want to learn how the fastest growing companies align their entire organizations around growth

  • Startup founders who want to learn how the most successful startups align their entire organisations around growth

  • Startup marketers who want to learn to level up from tactics to strategy to boost their influence and impact

  • Startup product leaders who want to learn how to improve conversion and retention rates


About Sean Ellis

Meet Sean Ellis, the man who coined 'growth hacking' and catapulted businesses like Dropbox, Lookout, and Eventbrite, designing early-stage growth engines that brought them to multi-billion-dollar valuations.


Sean built the initial growth engines for several highly successful startups. At Uproar and LogMeIn, he drove the process from inception to IPO. As the founder of, Sean has revolutionized how companies approach sustainable growth and brought GrowthHackers to a successful exit.

With his expertise, glean insights into the strategies that shape Silicon Valley's unicorn companies.

Sean's pragmatic and data-driven approaches have reshaped the landscape of digital marketing and business growth strategies.

  • Co-author of Hacking Growth (750,000 copies sold!) and available in 16 languages

  • Invented the Dropbox Referral system (3900% growth in 15 months)

  • Coined the term "Growth Hacking"

  • Founded & Sold (500K members)

When Sean is not growing startups he teaches growth at leading business schools such as Harvard, UC Berkeley Haas, CKGSB (Beijing), Imperial College BS (London), INSEAD (France), and through the GoPractice Immersive Simulator Program.


Sean also hosts The Breakout Growth Podcast, where he and co-host Ethan Garr interview business and growth leaders to understand all facets of their breakout growth engines.