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Crossing the Chasm

Introductory Description

The challenge of moving from early adopters to mainstream customers.

Detailed Description

A term popularized by Geoffrey Moore that describes the difficulty faced by innovative products in bridging the gap between early market success and widespread adoption, often requiring a shift in marketing strategy and positioning.

Thought Leaders on the Topic

Geoffrey Moore

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Crossing the Chasm

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Mobile Phone

Growth & Business Design

When it comes to growth, misunderstanding or misalignment can lead to detrimental outcomes, including resource waste, market misalignment, and stunted growth. By contrast, having a shared language and clear definitions can cut through ambiguity, foster collaboration, and boost the effectiveness of strategic decisions.


Embrace the power of shared language and understanding to drive more rapid, aligned, and effective execution and implementation. This is your key to outcompeting in your chosen market.


This library will further strengthen your understanding, allowing you to dive deeper into the intricacies of growth, and facilitating more nuanced conversations within your teams. 

Holding Electronic Gadget
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