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13 Oct Online Event - Reliably Improving CLTV in Product-Led Growth

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Better execution in Product-Led Growth : Reliably improving Customer Lifetime Value, Acquisition & Retention

Thu, 13 Oct, 17:00 - 18:15 GMT+8

Calling all Founders, CMO's, CFOs & venture builders!

Let's chat about effectively using product-led growth to create stickier customers.

No surprise, there are better ways to coordinate the customer experience and get more synergy from execution teams, and get your investors and board on your side. It's about better strategy and execution, (not tactics) to lower your costs of acquisition or cost of doing business, or improve lifetime value.

I'll share a playbook to de-risk how your new digital revenue engine can capture more reliable growth. It starts by isolating and getting ahead of common failure points.

With recent case studies from finance and fintech, and insights to leverage from the companies doing it best, this content is pitched at companies looking to deepen retention and create a more stable level of product market fit.


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