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Key reasons startups will fail to get to their next fundraising milestone

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Yesterday, we updated our list of common reasons startups fail.

Startups struggling to show revenue growth or positive unit economics aren't adapting to the increases in time between funding rounds (How much runway you now need in 2023: Infographic)

Yesterdays video covered the dependencies to overcome this funding winter and potential recession.

The best startups will get more than their fair share of funding while VC's grow more cautious in the search for revenue growth. The dry powder is there, and will be allocated to someone. Why shouldn't it be you?

Episode recap:

Some things we discussed in this episode were the common causes of startup/ digital product launch failing to show success on the key metrics venture capital is looking at:

  • Marketing leadership fit in a product-led world

  • Strategy vs execution gaps

  • Data driven and product centric weekly planning

  • Brand marketing vs product marketing pre-PMF

  • Pre PMF innovator CMO vs Post PMF scaler

  • Vanity metrics vs leading indicators to guide the Founder

Next episodes from this multi-part series on using data to grow your startup coming soon.


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