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Beat the odds. Get to product-market fit
Be Fundraising Ready.


AI-CoPilot SaaS for founders & Product Leaders. All substance, No Marketing Fluff.

Leverage 16 startup frameworks in 7 minutes


AIPath supports small teams to more reliably define strategy,
support customer research to refine your customer experience and product roadmap
, and
automate your marketing assets to get you closer to product-market fit

LLM powered synthetic data and real-world customer research questions:
AIPath empowers small teams with exponential depth and breadth in customer discovery and risk analysis

Turn brainstorming into full product roadmaps:
AIPath enables scenario analysis of multiple possible strategies and business models for deeper strategy is less time. 

Navigate the three gaps to get to product-market fit
Try It Now!

Too Many Ideas,
Too Little Time

Don't spend your time learning frameworks, Spend your time where it matters. 
Build and launch fundraising in 3 days. augments you with 
advanced fundraising and strategy for startup Fundraising & Growth success.

Define | Refine | Launch
Getting to Retention & Monetization

From Idea to Launch. Faster. Better. supports solo founders at every step of the startup journey


Sharing your startup idea with Our intuitive platform guides you through the process of articulating your vision, helping you define key aspects of your proposition, understand riskiest assumption testing and setting a solid foundation for your venture.

Refine:'s sophisticated methodology will then assist you in refining your idea into a compelling product strategy narrative. This process ensures your startup strategy is tailored to your unique vision and is aligned with your target market's needs, enhancing your chances of achieving product-market fit, even charting missing features that will help you get to product-market fit.


Now that your strategy is refined and compelling, helps transform it into a set of actionable deliverables. From pitch decks to marketing assets, equips you with everything you need to effectively communicate your vision to prospective investors and stakeholders, while refining your strategy with product-market fit testing and business experimentation.

The First SaaS Strategy & Fundraising Tool for Tech & Solo Founders.

Enterprise-Grade Startup Fundraising and Strategy for Founders

Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Special Program Fee Subsidies Available for Underrepresented Groups including Solo Female Founders and Founders on specific Government Support. 


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