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 Beat the odds. Get to product-market fit
Be Fundraising Ready.

AI-CoPilot SaaS for small teams. All substance, No Marketing Fluff.



AIPath supports small teams to more reliably define strategy,
support customer research to refine your customer experience and product roadmap
, and
automate your marketing assets to get you closer to product-market fit

LLM powered synthetic data and real-world customer research questions:
AIPath empowers small teams with exponential depth and breadth in customer discovery and risk analysis

Turn brainstorming into full product roadmaps:
AIPath enables scenario analysis of multiple possible strategies and business models for deeper strategy is less time. 

AIPath co-pilots founders across defining strategy, refining your startup against market response, and develops your marketing assets according to your strategy

Enterprise-grade co-pilot workflows for aligning Product Strategy, Business Model Experimentation and Marketing Asset Automation

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Optimise your product roadmap by aligning customer experience with the specific features that drive the benefits they want. Quantification helps you rank and compare the overwhelming number of choices you need make daily.

AIPath helps you evaluate multiple paths for your startup, and determine which is best for you

Get clarity around the greatest dependency for getting to product-market fit. Simultaneously score and rank multiple variations and paths your startup could take. Do deeper planning with AI supported synthetic data.
AIPath then enables rapid experimentation to get market feedback from real customers with pinpointed interview questions to guide your user research process. 


Quantify your options to make clearer decisions on who to build for (Target Customer Niche), and what to build for them (prioritized feature roadmap)

Everything is linked and updated in real-time. Unlike Chat-based AI, proprietary workflows mean that only what you want to update is updated. Fundraising Material and Marketing Copy is always based on your most updated Product Strategy and always customer focused, no fluff.

Navigate the three gaps to get to product-market fit
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Too Many Ideas,
Too Little Time

Don't spend your time learning frameworks, Spend your time where it matters. 
Build and launch fundraising in 3 days. augments you with 
advanced fundraising and strategy for startup Fundraising & Growth success.

Define | Refine | Launch
Getting to Retention & Monetization

3 modules that take you from Idea to Launch. Faster. Better.


Turn your idea into the full content for a comprehensive suite of fundraising assets with true strategic depth. Even have ready the things you didn't know you needed for startup fundraising and go-to-market (GTM).


Deeply develop your startup strategy, business model, identify your riskiest hypothesis and de-risk getting to Product-Market fit for your startup with Strategy and product alignment.



For the founder who cares about Retention & Monetization. AIPath generates all the marketing assets you need for fundraising and go-to-market (GTM).


AIPath also goes one step further, every marketing asset is personalised for each of your target users, and stays up-to-date with every feature update or strategy change, and does so in real-time. supports solo founders at every step of the startup journey

Discover & Define:

Sharing your startup idea with Our intuitive platform guides you through the process of articulating your vision, helping you define key aspects of your proposition, understand riskiest assumption testing and setting a solid foundation for your venture.


Strategize & Refine:'s sophisticated methodology will then assist you in refining your idea into a compelling product strategy narrative. This process ensures your startup strategy is tailored to your unique vision and is aligned with your target market's needs, enhancing your chances of achieving product-market fit, even charting missing features that will help you get to product-market fit.

Execute & Validate:

Now that your strategy is refined and compelling, helps transform it into a set of actionable deliverables. From pitch decks to marketing assets, equips you with everything you need to effectively communicate your vision to prospective investors and stakeholders, while refining your strategy with product-market fit testing and business experimentation.

Launch & Grow:

With your strategic assets in hand, you're set to confidently launch your startup venture.'s comprehensive approach doesn't stop here - we can provide continued support, assisting you in your growth journey and ensuring your startup remains on the path to success.

The First SaaS Strategy & Fundraising Tool for Tech & Solo Founders.

Enterprise-Grade Startup Fundraising and Strategy for Founders

Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Special Program Fee Subsidies Available for Underrepresented Groups including Solo Female Founders and Founders on specific Government Support. 


Please enquire via our "Contact Us" Page

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What it does
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Transform Your Idea Into a Market-Ready Strategy with's Game-Changing Deliverables

Unlock Market-Ready Strategies:

Refine Your Business Idea with Our Guided Approach kicks off your entrepreneurial journey by clarifying your idea with pointed questions that consider the jobs, pains, and gains. This unique approach delivers an And, But, Therefore (ABT) statement that is the bedrock of your market-ready narrative.


Discover Your Value Proposition:

Tailor-Made Four Fits Analysis

Our tool conducts a Four Fits Analysis that assesses the viability of your startup idea, ensuring it fits market demands. This is not just about survival; it's about finding the niche where you'll thrive.

Prioritize for Success:

Jobs-to-Be-Done Analysis

Ever wondered what makes your startup indispensable? Our Jobs-to-be-Done analysis offers a focused lens to prioritize jobs and pains based on their market significance. Make your product an essential, not an option.

Craft Impactful Narratives:

Customizable Pitch Decks for Investor & Sales Meetings

Whether you want to follow the hero's journey or take the traditional route with a "Minimum Viable and Valuable Product" elevator pitch, Pathfinder assists in crafting compelling pitch decks that speak to your value proposition, attracting the right investment.

Optimize Product Features:

Mapping Your App to Market Needs

Sync your product's features to your customer's exact requirements using our App and Product Features Mapping, giving you the best shot at achieving product-market fit and skyrocketing fundraising opportunities.

Convert Leads Into Customers:

Link to Automated Ad Creation

Imagine having high-converting ads without the guesswork. We develop Jobs-To-Be-Done-based ads for you and support you in using popular 3rd party ad creation tools for rapid time to market.


Your VC's will be impressed you have strategy, even down to go-to-market readiness.


Nurture to Capture:

Tailored Lead Nurture Sequences

Don’t just generate leads; own them. Our tool develops three email sequences centered around your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), ensuring you nurture leads towards conversion.


Opt for additional funnel mapping and landing page designs for deeper insights.

A Comprehensive Growth Execution Model for Tech and Solo Founders isn’t just a toolkit; it's your comprehensive Growth Execution Model specially designed for tech founders and solo entrepreneurs.


An emphasis on rapidly developing enterprise-grade fundraising assets: Our model goes beyond surface-level strategies to provide deepened product development insights.


  1. Enterprise-Grade Fundraising Assets:
    Starting with our Four Fits Analysis, we guide you through the creation of investor-ready pitch decks, enabling you to attract the right kind of investment with confidence.


  2. Deepened Product Strategy:
    In tandem with our App and Product Features Mapping, the Growth Execution Model helps you develop a robust product roadmap. Your product strategy is no longer a guessing game but a series of informed decisions.


  3. Accelerated Execution:
    Using key data from your Jobs-to-Be-Done analysis, our model helps you quickly prioritize the most impactful tasks, streamlining your time-to-market.


  4. Aligned KPIs and Goals:
    Our model integrates seamlessly with the Business Model Design Playbook and your Jobs-to-Be-Done analysis to align your team's focus with measurable KPIs.


  5. Optimized Customer Journey: Lead Nurturing Sequences are a component of our broader model, ensuring that customer acquisition and retention are integral to your growth strategy.


  6. Holistic Team Management:
    Keeping your entire team, from development to marketing, aligned with strategic goals, our model enhances overall operational efficiency.


  7. Market Alignment:
    With a foundation built on our Four Fits Analysis and real-time ABT generation strategy, the Growth Execution Model helps you penetrate your target market more effectively.

Exclusive Strategic Tools:

Business Model Design Playbook and Real-Time Chatbot Support

Get privileged access to our comprehensive Business Model Design Playbook. 


These tools deepen your strategic insights, making your venture planning thorough and effective.

Unlock Creative Collaborations:

All the copy needed to build and launch ads

Need hands-on ad asset creation? We can guide you to leverage AI to generate and launch your ads. is more than a tool

It's a mentor, a strategist, and a co-founder rolled into one.

It's not about starting a startup; it's about growing a successful one. Make your mark in the entrepreneurial world with’s unparalleled strategic deliverables. Turn those clicks into conversions and dreams into market-ready strategies today.


The First SaaS Strategy & Fundraising Tool for Tech & Solo Founders.

Advanced Fundraising and Strategy for Fundraising & Growth

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