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Causality & Brandspace:
Leading Innovation in Venture Building for ASEAN

Reducing Busy-work for an eye on Business Impact

We take a first principles approach to the real-time validation of product market fit and go to market strategy.


We bring the C-suite a rapid and robust approach to develop product-market fit, before or after launch.

Based on experiences leading ASEAN Innovation and digital transformation at a Big 4 consultancy; developing Business Design and Digital Transformation IP with Innovation Centers in San Francisco, Japan, London & Dubai; Supporting new Business Model Design for a global tech giant and leading strategy and pivots for Banks, Fintechs and two separate multi-sided marketplaces, we have assembled a toolkit focused on the needs of the C-suite when leading innovation and transformation.

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Business Design from First Principles
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Revolutionizing Product-Market Fit Testing

De-risking Corporate Venture Building Through Business Experimentation

At Causality, we believe that success in today's competitive business landscape requires a fresh approach to product-market fit testing, corporate venture building, and growth strategy. Our innovative methods focus on business experimentation and evidence-based insights, positioning us as leaders in driving new revenue growth and sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.


Expertise in Product-Market Fit Testing

We understand that achieving product-market fit is crucial for the success and growth of any business. Our proprietary approach to product-market fit testing is designed to help businesses identify the optimal balance between their product offerings, target audience needs, and market positioning. Through our data-driven methodologies and business experimentation, we provide actionable insights and recommendations to help businesses refine their strategies, create stronger value propositions, and accelerate their path to product-market fit while reducing risks associated with growth.

Pioneering Corporate Venture Building Solutions

At Causality, we specialize in corporate venture building, assisting established organizations in launching new ventures and exploring untapped market opportunities. Our team of experts works closely with clients to design, test, and scale innovative business models that align with their strategic goals. By leveraging business experimentation and our unique frameworks and tools, we help organizations navigate the complex process of venture building, reducing risks and ensuring a higher likelihood of success.

Bringing Predictive Analytics to Business & Product Design
Based on Experiences from Launching Venture Building Labs Globally

Embracing Business Experimentation for Continuous Growth and Precision Positioning

We believe that effective growth strategy is rooted in a culture of business experimentation. Our approach focuses on iterative testing and continuous improvement, enabling businesses to adapt to the ever-changing market landscape and stay ahead of the competition. Through our rigorous experimentation methodologies, we help clients identify key growth levers, optimize their marketing and sales strategies, and develop precision positioning that drives sustainable growth over the long term.

A Comprehensive Approach to Growth Strategy

Our team at Causality is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to growth strategy, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities facing businesses in today's dynamic market. By combining our expertise in product-market fit testing, corporate venture building, and business experimentation, we empower businesses to make data-driven decisions and achieve their growth objectives with confidence.

Why Causality Outperforms Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
While Conversion Rate Optimization

(CRO) plays an essential role in enhancing website performance and increasing conversions, it falls short in providing a comprehensive strategy for achieving product-market fit. Causality's approach goes beyond CRO by focusing on understanding the target audience, their needs, and how the product or service uniquely addresses those needs. By leveraging our expertise in product-market fit testing and business experimentation, we help businesses make informed decisions that drive new revenue growth and sustainable competitive advantage.

Partner with Causality for Success in Product-Market Fit Testing and Corporate Venture Building

Are you ready to revolutionize your business strategy and achieve product-market fit success? Contact Causality today, and let's work together to unlock your business's full potential in product-market fit testing, corporate venture building, and growth strategy. Our expert team is committed to providing the insights, guidance, and support you need to navigate the complexities of today's competitive business landscape and drive new revenue growth for your organization.

Discover the difference that Causality's innovative approach can make for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our product-market fit testing, corporate venture building, and growth strategy services. Together, we can redefine success and propel your organization to new heights.

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Empowering Leaders with Data-Driven Decision-Making
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Data-Driven Strategy & Positioning

Design, grow, de-risk and support your ventures and innovation programs.

1. Enabling data-driven decision making for Boards & the C-Suite
2. Better resource allocation for Investors and Portfolio Management 
3. Reducing unnecessary strategy risk for Innovation systems, startup accelerators and Corporate Innovation Teams
4. Improving competitiveness, getting to product-market fit and profitability for Business Owners and Leaders

Tackling complex challenges at various stages of company lifecycle

Venture building

  • Product Strategy advisory based on finding shortlist of most unmet needs

  • Business & Strategy Experimentation to define core launch segment, messaging, vp, channel and model fits

  • GTM testing and execution 

  • Set up and management of RevOps, Full-funnel marketing and Marketing Automation

  • Engagement and Retention strategy towards initial monetization


  • Root cause analysis & Business Model Design

  • Product-Market Fit Testing & Job Map Design for Product Roadmapping: Prioritization, sequencing and dependency finding for options

  • GTM testing

Fundraising stage

  • CAC range and payback period estimation for unit economics

  • Crossing the chasm: Acquiring 


Supporting at Various Stages of your Product Lifecycle

Causality Companies


Venture Building, Innovation Consultancy & Product-market Fit Testing at scale & speed
Our upcoming books on enterprise-grade innovation & venture building &
Tools for C-Suite Productivity and Alignment
Full-Service Go-To-Market & Data-enablement Solutions for startups including Experimentation, RevOps and Marketing Automation

Hands-on strategy and digital product Advisory for the C-Suite

Driving the adoption of hybrid and product-led growth in SEA

The Causality Umbrella of Companies
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