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Data-Driven Strategy & Positioning

Design, grow, de-risk and support your ventures and innovation programs.

1. Enabling data-driven decision making for Boards & the C-Suite
2. Better resource allocation for Investors and Portfolio Management 
3. Reducing unnecessary strategy risk for Innovation systems, startup accelerators and Corporate Innovation Teams
4. Improving competitiveness, getting to product-market fit and profitability for Business Owners and Leaders

Tackling complex challenges at various stages of company lifecycle

Venture building

  • Product Strategy advisory based on finding shortlist of most unmet needs

  • Business & Strategy Experimentation to define core launch segment, messaging, vp, channel and model fits

  • GTM testing and execution 

  • Set up and management of RevOps, Full-funnel marketing and Marketing Automation

  • Engagement and Retention strategy towards initial monetization


  • Root cause analysis & Business Model Design

  • Product-Market Fit Testing & Job Map Design for Product Roadmapping: Prioritization, sequencing and dependency finding for options

  • GTM testing

Fundraising stage

  • CAC range and payback period estimation for unit economics

  • Crossing the chasm: Acquiring 


Causality & Brandspace:
Leading Innovation in Venture Building for ASEAN

We take a first principles approach to the real-time validation of product market fit and go to market strategy.


We bring the C-suite a rapid and robust approach to develop product-market fit, before or after launch.

Based on experiences leading ASEAN Innovation and digital transformation at a Big 4 consultancy; developing Business Design and Digital Transformation IP with Innovation Centers in San Francisco, Japan, London & Dubai; Supporting new Business Model Design for a global tech giant and leading strategy and pivots for Banks, Fintechs and two separate multi-sided marketplaces, we have assembled a toolkit focused on the needs of the C-suite when leading innovation and transformation.

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