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Online Webinar

Monetization Essentials for SaaS Startups

Monetization for Product-Led Growth & SaaS Startups - Introduction Essentials

Monetization Essentials for SaaS Startups
Monetization Essentials for SaaS Startups

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Online Webinar

About the event

Hello event attendees,

Unfortunately due to a family health emergency, we will be postponing this event with our sincere regrets.

Please register on this event stay up today for the revised date. As always, registered attendees will have access to the full event recording and event materials following the event.

Again, please accept our sincere apologies. In the meanwhile, you may wish to visit the recroding and summary of our most revent event here:

David & Trevor


Build a profitable startup: Overcoming MoFu Churn and Mastering Monetization with PLG. 

Are you experiencing strong acquisition success but struggling with retention and monetization? Many startups face this challenge, and we're here to help you tackle it head-on with our groundbreaking webinar!

Join us as we dive deep into expert-level insights and global best-practice frameworks, such as Pirate Metrics, the Eureka Model, and the Outcome-Driven Innovation process. We'll guide you through identifying, analyzing, and addressing the underlying issues that cause churn between acquisition and monetization.

This content is tailor-made for startups that:

  • Have high acquisition rates but low retention and monetization success.
  • Witness either high or low engagement activity within their product.
  • Seek to convert more acquired customers into loyal, paying users.

If you are experiencing:

  • Drop-off in user engagement after initial acquisition
  • A disconnect between the value perceived by customers and the value experienced
  • Difficulty in transitioning users from free to paid plans

Then this webinar is designed for you!

 Key takeaways include: 

  • Actionable strategies to pinpoint and resolve issues in your customer journey, leading to increased retention and monetization.
  • A deep understanding of the critical moments in customer experience and how to optimize them for maximum value.
  • A comprehensive checklist of steps to analyze churn and drive product-led growth.
  • Expert guidance on how to turn acquired users into loyal, paying customers.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to transform your startup's retention and monetization performance. Sign up now and unlock your startup's full potential!

About the Speakers

David Isaac Mathews has launched growth programs at Ernst & Young Parthenon for both clients and for its ASEAN consulting team internally, has led methodology design and training for a public listed venture builder, run turnarounds for a $30 million fintech venture and launched a 2 Bn multisided marketplace. Among others, he has led marquee projects for EY-Parthenon's ASEAN Digital and Venture Building practice and consulted to C-Suites of various banks, fintechs and e-commerce clients on strategy, fundraising and valuation. Building off cutting edge research in management science and marketing science, he has codified a methodology that aligns customer experience with product and experimentation to design businesses that retain and monetize better.  You can find more of his research key takeaways from his upcoming book at

Trevor Longino is a marketer, writer, speaker, founder, and growth thinker. He's launched 50 startups, mentored about 200 more, taught thousands, and launched 12 startups from $0 to $2MM+ in ARR over the last decade, including,,, and

With 20+ years of experience in marketing and leadership in startups, he brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing best practices, building and leading teams, and market positioning.  He founded more than a decade ago and has been a consultant at companies all over the world, helping them grow. 

Trevor has taught marketing, branding, growth, and revenue to more than a thousand startups at accelerators all over Europe and North America.

Trevor is from the Florida in the United States, but moved to Poland in 2010 and lived there for 7 years. He's traveled to 27 different countries and eaten a bunch of things that he probably shouldn't have. He's now a resident of Montreal, Canada.

Father of 3 children (William (6 years old), Elizabeth, and Evelyn (2 years old)) and married for 20 years to his college sweetheart Eleanor. For fun in the copious free time he has between running a global growth marketing agency and raising 3 kids, he plays banjo and is writing several business books.


  • Monetization Introduction

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