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Private Workshops With Your Teams

Silicon Valley Insights: Singapore Growth & AI Summit with Sean Ellis
2024 Edition | 11 March - 20 March 2024 


General Management

Learn how the fastest growing companies align their entire organizations around growth 

Marketers & Product Marketers

Learn how to unlock new growth channels based on best practices of successful hypergrowth businesses

Product Managers & UX Strategists

Learn how to improve conversion and retention rates and steps to implement these strategies

Who Are These Workshops Designed For?

Sean Ellis 2024 - Get on a Call

Available Private Event Formats


Private events for your leadership designed around your objectives

Corporate Masterclass

Interactive and supported by Sean Ellis' coaching and experience. Help prioritise your next steps supported by Seans' expertise working in Growth Strategy aligned to the scientific method

Growth Workshop for Teams

A broader group open to teams, with Sean workshopping through your growth strategies and bottlenecks for immediate application.

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