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Solutions for driving growth at every stage of your startups lifecycle

Design, grow and de-risk with support and real-time data for your ventures and innovation programs.

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Data-Driven Growth Solutions


Empowering the C-Suite with Speed & Precision for Growth Strategy

At Causality Co, we augment decision-makers with tools and processes to digitally transform an ambitious organization's decision-making process, product strategy and GTM execution. 

We can now enable the C-suite to operate with data-driven speed and precision, with enhanced clarity on next steps. We help you remove busywork to laser focus on enhancing growth through more cost effective acquisition and market-leading retention.  


To align teams, optimise for valuable output and de-risk growth, we’ve re-designed how organizations build and launch, disrupting traditional management consulting and venture building with real-time insight designed to build superior customer experiences in your product. 


Outperform on disruptive relevance and speed to market

We first help you outperform your competition with a statistically valid understanding of your customer needs that connects to your product strategy in a revolutionary way. 

We then disrupt your competition with how quickly you can translate strategy to action, to simplify the alignment of strategy, product and marketing on your path to profitable unit economics.

With our proprietary tools, precision methodology and detailed processes, we empower the C-suite to rapidly turn possibilities and ideas for growth into a strategy explicitly designed to be implemented and tested for rapid iteration, so you always have data-driven clarity on next steps.


Transformative Growth Strategy underpinned by two key strategic differentiators:

  1. Predictive Product-Market Fit Testing (PMFT): We employ groundbreaking, real-time customer behavior response capture techniques. Sophisticated data collected is designed to support business model decisions and monetization. This rapid business model pre-testing allows us to align de-risk both product and GTM roadmaps, diagnosing previous launches and ensure every aspect of your organization works in harmony to build for deeper and broader product-market fit and launch with sophisticated guidance for improved profitability.

  2. Growth 360 for real-time decision making and roadmap optimization: This proprietary C-Suite decision-making tool assesses ideas based on their strategic value and your organization's capacity to execute. 

By prioritizing, sequencing, and identifying dependencies that impact successful outcomes, Growth 360 optimizes resource allocation and streamlines execution, driving growth and enhancing competitiveness. It’s like and the Balanced Scorecard had a baby to solve challenges for the C-Suite.

By partnering with us, you’re making the decision to pursue reliable, growth, a bias to action and profitability by prioritising the customer and organisation alignment:

  • Accelerate growth and increase market share, driven by the strategic alignment of business goals, product development, and GTM roadmaps

  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention, guided by real-time customer behavior insights from PMFT

  • Continuously optimise teams, resources and the marketing mix to reduce waste with Growth 360

  • Increase profitability and enhance shareholder value, with a robust and reliable process that creates clarity for next steps

We’re disrupting venture building and management consulting with tools and processes to unlock your organization's full potential and achieve outstanding results in today's competitive landscape.


How We do It: Our Methodology Step by Step

  1. Pre-testing ideas for growth with Product-Market Fit Testing

  2. Connecting ideas for growth to front-stage business model components

  3. Aligning potential strategy ideas to front-stage and back-stage operational business model considerations  

  4. Statistically validate ideas for business model impact, in-market, iteratively testing variations 1 component at a time, holding the other 3 components fixed for clear causality

  5. These hypothesis-based test outcomes guide product-market fit Build & Launch Priorities. PMFT results directly connect to feature bundles, guiding product roadmap according to jobs to be done steps. GTM strategy alignment is then possible to demonstrate customer value

  6. Further Iterations are then driven with understanding on whether strategy or execution need iteration

  7. Use insights to spin up a C-suite real-time data-driven decision-making engine for prioritizing, sequencing, identifying dependencies, and scaling effective initiatives for growth

Use Cases

We're out to disrupt consulting by bringing productised innovation solutions so that you can rapidly address issues in monetization, retention and product-market fit for your corporate venture:


Venture building

  • Product Strategy advisory based on finding shortlist of most unmet needs

  • Business & Strategy Experimentation to define core launch segment, messaging, vp, channel and model fits

  • GTM testing and execution 

  • Set up and management of RevOps, Full-funnel marketing and Marketing Automation

  • Engagement and Retention strategy towards initial monetization

Pivots & Re-strategy

  • Root cause analysis & Business Model Design

  • Product-Market Fit Testing & Job Map Design for Product Roadmapping: Prioritization, sequencing and dependency finding for options

  • GTM testing



  • CAC range and payback period estimation for unit economics

  • Crossing the chasm: Acquiring

Growth Programs
Enquire how we can customise these for your lifecycle stage or how you plan to enable new growth

Cutting edge innovation and growth consultancy

We're here to improve the success rate of ASEAN startups with you.

​We've applied these solutions in multiple industries, from supporting launches to implementing strategic pivots. 

Want to know how these would apply to your business? Reach out via live chat or our contact form for a confidential discussion.


Tools for achieving product-market fit, improving retention and positive unit economics

There are several tools that can help you achieve product-market fit. Two of the most important are cohort analysis and product analytics.

Cohort analysis is the process of analysing groups of customers who share a common characteristic, such as month of acquisition by a specifically designed acquisition campaign. This can help you identify patterns and trends in customer behavior, such as more specificity in which value proposition profitably acquires new users. This can inform your product development and marketing strategies.

Product analytics is the process of analysing customer data to gain insights into how customers are using your product. This can help you identify areas for improvement and inform your product development and marketing strategies. Well set up analytics can help you steer towards higher engagement and eventually retention.

Insights from well hypothesised acquisition campaigns combined with well run product analytics create a powerful iterative synergy that builds strong unit economics.

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