Rise of the Innovation Growth Leader

Who is responsible for aligning the organisation to the voice of the customer? The CMO is not traditionally an innovation role, and many are brand-focused, not product-focused. We live in a digital first economy. Our products must deliver growth.


We are missing cross-functional domain leadership.

A C-Suite Role to deliver new revenue growth

Who should align product, sales, marketing, technology, partnerships and the rest of the C-suite?

Do we need a Chief Revenue Officer, an Innovation Chief Marketing Officer, a Chief Digital Officer or a Chief Growth Officer?

How do we empower them with
a playbook to succeed?

Frameworks, Methodologies & Perspectives to lead Innovation

However the responsibility for creating new revenue or leading innovation gets assigned or distributed,
a C-suite Operating System that is customer-insight-led and can re-align the business to the unmet needs of the consumer.

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