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Product-Market Fit Testing

  • 60Days
  • 6Steps


What do you get when Customer Journey Mapping, Experimentation and Data-Driven C-Suite decision making intersect? This solution works to augment non-data backed decisions to de-risk Growth & Identifying your most valuable segments. This works well when launching a go-to-market phase; solving questions around a pivot, or deciding if a venture is investible. Program: De-risk growth and develop more reliable implementation. Leverage the best, most robust methodologies as leveraged by top-quartile companies and high-growth unicorns. - Customer behaviour evidence - Statistically validate or disprove key hypotheses - Rapid, reliable and boardroom ready data - Designed to enable a bias to action and guide towards reliably finding product-market fit - Available as a pre-mortem or solution to guide a re-strategy pivot ​ Causality’s key tool to help Corporate Ventures rapidly get to Product Market fit is our proprietary approach to Product Market Fit Testing and Finding. It’s a key methodology in our approach to solving the 3 Gaps: The Strategy Gap, The Execution Gap and the Growth Gap. The Causality businesses bring together a range of services to help the C-Suite find a path to product-market fit, to more quickly and reliably drive growth and help you understand the most strategic next steps by removing vanity metrics from influencing your decision making. Strategy based on customer journeys insights from unmet needs can lead to growth from authentic customer-centricy.

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