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Growth Teams are instrumental in developing the leading Indicators needed for reliable growth

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Growth Teams and the pursuit of Leading Indicators.png
Growth Teams and the pursuit of Leading Indicators

TL;DR: Leading indicators are favored by growth teams at product-led companies as they provide the data needed for reliable growth.

As a focus on getting to product-market fit emerged, companies set up Growth Teams, whose sole purpose was to increase revenue. It was standalone function with the data, UX and engineering capabilities to build and assess cause and effect - using leading indicators to drive growth via the dependencies of acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization.

Today, we have both standalone and integrated growth teams, perfect for digital product-led growth.

But one thing is clear: mature product-led businesses should have Growth at the core of their strategy, built in at a fundamental organization level. Their core impact: identifying leading indicators and putting into place the motions that move tem, either though removing frictions in the journey, solving gaps in the company, or better understanding the unmet needs of the consumer.

Join us TOMORROW as we isolate and plot to eliminate the common risks in getting to product-market fit for product-led growth.


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