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Chatting on the Paris Childress Marketing Podcast

Here are some of things we discussed in this episode:

  • How David brings digital transformation(DX) to large organizations

  • The expanded role of the CMO & the need for them to wear the three hats of a Brand, a P&L, and an Innovation CMO

  • De-siloing the C-suite to improve agility & the importance of cross-functional collaboration

  • Corporate venture launching

  • The greatest roadblocks in monetization for innovation in SEA

  • The importance of connecting customer experience and marketing with real-time data for data-driven decision-making

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Paris sits down with SaaS leaders to unpack their unique approaches to growth and marketing. Tune in for practical tips and stories behind the fastest-growing technology companies. Paris is an ex-Googler and the CEO of SaaS growth marketing agency Hop Online.

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