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Social Impact Innovation with Laurence Lien, Asian Philanthropy Circle and The Greater Club

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

It was a unique opportunity to hear from Laurence Lien last week on "Everyday Philanthropy." Drizzled with quotable quotes, some key takeaways

Read on for link to the Social Business Model Canvas

1) Know when change has to happen from a systems-level analysis. Wicked problems in particular, with the users of services who are not the ones funding the change. Why? you don't get the depth of honest enough feedback

2) Root Cause analysis of what would drive sustainable impact: Your aim *should* be to put yourself out of business. Examine such crossed incentives between your organization and your stakeholders. How can you ensure that the impact you seek is incentivized, and not perceived as a threat to the teams executing?

3) (Somewhat like Ikigai), try to work at the intersections if things that you are passionate about and also have high societal value.

Top advice from someone who's really walked the talk.

For anyone trying to map value and intersections, this helpful adaptation of the Business Model Canvas may be useful.

Thanks to Greater Business Club for organising, and Xueling Lee, Benjamin Tay and Perng Aw for facilitating and hosting. Asia Philanthropy Circle


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