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How complexity theory can be applied to managing wicked problems in business, government and society

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

🎙️ We recently wrapped up an incredible event exploring the fascinating world of wicked problems and complexity.

📘 We've put together a brochure filled with key takeaways, insights, and valuable lessons from some brilliant minds in the field. No jargon, no complexity – just clear, approachable insights that you can apply in your daily life and work.

Understanding complexity is for any leader or manager who wants to navigate our interconnected world.

Engaging with complexity, we've learned from our esteemed speakers, and their insights have illuminated our understanding of wicked problems. Their wisdom has been captured and curated within these pages.

Every insight is a testament to our journey together, serving as a catalyst for future action. In the face of complexity, these words will guide and inspire us. In this dance with complexity, we shape the rhythm of change. Let these insights fuel our journey forward.🌐

Download the Brochure here:

Wicked Problems - Key Takeaways from the Event at The Great Room
Download PDF • 3.59MB

From the Wicked Problems Event Key Takeaways Brochure

"As we move with the rhythm of complexity, we've drawn upon the wisdom of our esteemed speakers. Their words served as guiding lights, illuminating the winding path of wicked problems. They reminded us of our capability and invited us to embrace the dance, to navigate the intricate, beautiful maze of complexity with grace.

We have immortalized their wisdom, curated the most potent nuggets of knowledge from their shared experiences. Encapsulated within these pages, you will find their insights, a testament to our journey together. Their resonating words serve not just as mere recollections but as catalysts for future action and reflection.

Each quote, every insight, is a piece of the puzzle, a step in the dance of complexity. As we continue to engage with the challenging, yet exciting world of wicked problems, may these words guide and inspire us, fueling our journey forward.

In the face of complexity, let us remember, we are not lost within the dance - we are the dance. Embrace it, learn from it, and above all, enjoy it. The rhythm of change is in our hands. Make it count."

Feel free to reach out with any questions, and let's connect!

Thanks to The Great Room for hosting, and the incredible panellists: Bernise Ang, Sarah Grigsby, Jules K. Yim our patient moderator and the team of Perng Aw and Benjamin Tay who helped turn my idea into reality.


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